Cyrus Kiiru Graduate, B. Sc Mechatronics Engineering

Featured ImageI am a happy graduate of DeKUT having had an opportunity to learn from the best. What makes Kimathi stand out for me is the University’s commitment to providing a holistic learning experience in a bid to produce graduates with not only good grades, but with competent skills to take on the competitive job market. This can be evidenced by the University’s continuous support towards the Robotics club (among other clubs), which I was a member of since my 2nd year of study. Participation in the robotics club allowed me to harness and polish my skills in electronic design, embedded systems programming, PCB layout and design. During my interview, in one of the fastest growing tech companies in Kenya, BRCK, I recall the interviewer coming into the room with a PCB and asked me to point out the components of the PCB and what I thought it was designed for. Thanks to the training and experience I gained at DeKUT, the interview was a walk in the park. This shows that the industry is changing; people are being hired on merit of their skills rather than their grades. Dedan Kimathi University offers exactly that. 2 out of the 4 hardware engineers in the engineering department at BRCK are former students of Dedan Kimathi University; this alone should be proof of the quality training offered by the University.

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