Derrick Nandwa .K. Graduate, B.Sc Mechatronic Engineering.

Featured ImageThrough the International Association for the Exchange of students for Technical Experience- IASTE club at DeKUT, I was accepted for an internship at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany for a period of 12 weeks during my fourth year of study. I was tasked to carry out research on the different work functions of a grader machine – normally used for road construction. This involved developing mathematical descriptions of its blade kinematics and also modelling the blade kinematics with appropriate software. My thorough knowledge in kinematics analysis of multibody systems and modelling was tested. This was a very educative challenge that took me the entire 12 weeks and tested my analytical tenacity. Patience was in no doubt a vital attribute during this time. All in all, this was all fun working on this as it exposed me to very different ways of problem solving and work ethos. Being at DeKUT exposed me to this opportunity through the various collaboration the institution has with Germany and other International institutions.

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