#1st Annual Endowment Fund Golf Tournament

Title1st Annual Endowment Fund Golf Tournament
LocationNyeri Golf Club

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One of the objectives of DeKUT Alumni is to engage in a concerted effort offundraising in order to enhance the financial position of the University and toassist the association in engaging in charitable activities. Dedan KimathiUniversity of Technology (DeKUT) runs an Endowment Fund whose aim is to createa pool of monetary resource towards supporting needy students. This is a way ofensuring that every student’s dream at DeKUT is not cut short by lack of schoolfee. It is a way of making it possible for all students to have the privilegeof studying and graduating in our highly competitive programmes and actualizingtheir dreams.

One of the activities towards the fund is an annual golf tournament incollaboration with Nyeri Golf Club. The reason for the tournament is nothowever solely about raising money towards the fund but linking up with thecommunity; something DeKUT is so keen on from her very foundation. The 1stAnnual Endowment Fund Golf Tournament was held on 20th February, 2016. Themain sponsors and contributors were DeKUT Alumni Association, PostalCorporation of Kenya, Family Bank, CIC, Kenya Power and Stanbic Bank.Several pledges were made and the University looks forward to working with thecommunity and all the stakeholders towards the fund.


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