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Welcome message from the VC

DeKUT values her bond with her alumni, and works hard to create links between alumni throughout Kenya, Africa and globally. There are over 5, 000 of you since the inception of the institution in the 1970s, and as diverse as this community is, your shared experiences and memories of studying in our spectacular University make for a very strong alumni network indeed. This network continues to grow, and it now has a wide footprint not only in Nyeri County, but spans across our nation and reaches all corners of this country and globally.

The University has been supporting the establishment of an Alumni Association to help ensure a well connected alumni community which will go a long way to boost the growth of the University. Alumni associations across the world have fostered a good networking ground for the members and often contribute to the development of not only the universities themselves but also the alumni themselves.

One of the Alumni’s main objectives is to broaden and strengthen our alumni database, so that we can keep you up to date with exciting developments at DeKUT. The DeKUT Alumni aims to provide events and resources to help alumni stay connected to and support the university. Additionally, the alumni association offers opportunities to contribute to student success, recognize university accomplishments, and perpetuate DeKUT traditions. The second objective is that the Association should develop mechanisms to inform the alumni growth and business opportunities available throughout the network.

As alumni of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, you may become involved for your own unique reasons, which may include the desire to connect with like-minded community members, support the university through philanthropy, attend events and engage with students in the current generation. Your alma mater looks forward to welcoming you back, whether to a public lecture, a leadership forum, your class reunion, or just an informal visit. We are planning for alumni events, so please let us know your current contact details, and from time to time also tell us something about your lives and where you are in your careers. Alumni members may register from this link (Alumni Registration Page).

I take this opportunity to welcome you to Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Alumni page. This page was set up to encourage connection between the university and the alumni community at this early stages of the association. With time, it is expected that the association will be fully-fledged and operate virtually on its own. The focus is to nurture an alumni association that confers immeasurable benefits to its members.

Prof. Eng. P. N. Kioni - Vice Chancellor

Featured Alumni

  • Samuel Kimani

    Samuel Kimani works as a Network Engineering Assistant in the PDTP (Presidential Digital Talent Programme) at ICT Authority Kenya. His duty station during the training period is at the GCCN Networks office (National Treasury) where he works as a Networks and Security Trainee.

  • Kenneth Kinyanjui

    Kenneth is a DeKUT alumnus in B. Sc. Information Technology. He is a Software Engineer, Mentor and Entrepreneur. He is the Chief of Product and Co-founder of Infinity Space SAS, an African Technology Company based in Kenya, France and Cameroon.

  • Ms. Harriet Toto Olita

    Ms. Harriet Toto Olita, a former student at DeKUT got a scholarship at The University of Western Australia to pursue a PHD program in Agricultural Economics with a focus on Conservation Auctions

  • Kenneth Chesoli

    Chesoli, a former B. Sc. Information Technology student at DeKUT. He is a Software Engineer.
    People with passion can change the world for the better. It’s very difficult to come up with new, creative, and novel ideas unless you are passionate about moving society forward

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